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Appropriate Response 

Sherlocks recognises that digital evidence is extremely volatile and can degrade rapidly. Sherlocks will respond to your needs in the most timely, appropriate and cost effective manner.  

Contractual Issues 

Following your enquiry, Sherlocks will prepare a written forensic investigation plan that covers agreed objectives, sources of evidence, initial time and cost estimations. This, together with our standard forensic contract, will form the agreement between us.  

When we have received your written instructions to proceed we will proceed with the investigation as soon as practicable. 


In our line of work client confidentiality is paramount – our very reputation depends on it. All our dealings with clients, from the very first contact to the final tasks and retention of archived case files are covered by the strictest levels of confidentiality. 

All our staff are security cleared by the government. 

Even all of our office paperwork is shredded by a government approved (SEAP) commercial shredding company. 

Our contract ensures that this confidentiality is maintained after the cessation of the contract indefinitely and that the only authority to whom we can disclose information without your authority is to a court of competent jurisdiction, and even then only if they complete due process to obtain that information. 

Your secrets are safe with us!

Delivery and Collection 

Sherlocks will collect and deliver your equipment containing digital evidence. Sherlocks will ensure that all movement is recorded and that the chain of custody is maintained.

Our driver has a current government security clearance. 

Covert Acquisition 

Covert acquisition is often necessary when the suspect is not aware of the ongoing investigation or when there is a serious possibility of attempted destruction of evidence or alert any other involved parties. Sherlocks has considerable experience in running covert acquisitions so that they can be successfully completed in a legal and ethical manner. 

Laboratory Work 

The majority of forensic work is carried out at the Sherlocks Laboratory. This covers the acquisition of data that was not acquired on the client site and the analysis of the recovered data. Sherlocks has a range of tools and techniques to analyse the recovered evidence. All operations are carried out using the Sherlocks ISO 9001 quality procedures that have been certified by BSI. All work carried out by Sherlocks adheres to the ACPO guidelines and Sherlocks ensures that the highest evidential standards are maintained as well as the security and confidentiality of all material relating to the investigation. 

Investigation Report 

Once the required client objectives have been met, Sherlocks will produce a report on the case. The report will address the identification and continuity of the evidence, describe the procedures that were used, the summary of results, observations, conclusions and, where appropriate, recommendations. The report will include any relevant extracts referred to in the report that supports our analysis or conclusions.  

Statements and Expert Witnesses 

Cases undertaken by Sherlocks often require the production of formal S9 witness statements, affidavits or exhibit bundles. Sherlocks has experience in the production of these documents. On occasion, expert opinion is needed to support or interpret forensic evidence.

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