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Sale by Tender

Re: Contents of Gentleman’s Club, Cinema and Massage Centre

To take place on:   COMPLETED

We have been instructed on behalf of the landlord, to offer for Sale by Tender the contents of Gentleman’s Club / Cinema and Massage Centre as detailed on the attached schedule.

Viewing will be on site at:

141-143 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6JE

Viewing to take place on: COMPLETED
Download & View Tender Document (Word Format) (PDF Format) Fax: 0844 561 1351

Lots 1-13

Konica Plasma Screens
11x 26”
1x 46”
1x 40”

Lot 52

Cream 3 Seater Sofa and 3 Chairs

Lot 14

New Shanghai Dalkin E-Max Inverter Clean and Natural Air Conditioning Unit
Lot 52

Lot 15

New Shanghai Dalkin E-Max Inverter Clean and Natural Air Conditioning Unit

Lot 53

Coffee Table
Lot 14-15

Lot 54

2 Dark Wood Reception Cabinets

Lot 16

HP C4180 Photosmart All in one Printer Copier Scanner
Lot 54

Lot 17

Sky Digital Box, 4x4 Video Matrix Switch, Ntone 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder, Cambridge Audio Unit, Monitor and DVD Player

Lot 55

2x Dark Wood Chairs

Lot 18

Matsui Portable CD Radio

Lot 56

Mini Safe No Keys or Code

Lot 19

Audio Star Mixer and Amplifier

Lot 57

2x Bamboo Light Stands

Lot 20

Hitachi CPH5982 Projector

Lot 58

3x Dark Wood Reception Units

 Lot 21

Pull Down Screen

Lot 59

133 Dressing Room Lockers with Keys

Lot 22

Kenwood Cabinet

Lot 60

Black Chair

Lot 23

2 Edlong Speakers

Lot 61

48 Dressing Room Lockers with Keys

Lot 24

Cerwin Vega Speaker

Lot 62

29 Reclining Cinema Chairs some with foot rests

Lot 25

2x Electric Tills
Lot 62

Lot 26

Cerwin Vega Speaker

Lot 63

23 Side Cabinets

Lot 27

4x Aoya Speakers

Lot 64

5 Boxes of Toilet Roll

Lot 28

Karaoke On Demand Unit including:  Twin Seicona Microphones, Colour Monitor, Phonic AM552 Mixer Unit, REV100 Unit, SA600 Unit, Phonic Mixer Unit, Crown DVD Player

Lot 65

Coffee Table
Lot 28

Lot 66

Sofa and 3 Chairs
Lot 28
Lot 66

Lot 29

2x Sik Light Units

Lot 67

6x Glass Top Tables

Lot 30

6x Ciehm Spot Lights

Lot 68

24 Chairs

Lot 31

Nontaus DVD Player
4 Way AV Splitter Unit,
4x1 Audio Video Swith,
Zhonge Amplifier

Lot 69

4 Pictures

Lot 32

Sharp Microwave

Lot 70

Bamboo Arrangement

Lot 33

Rice Steamer

Lot 71

25 Piece Leather Look Sofa Unit

Lot 34

Stainless Steel 2 Door Unit

Lot 72

5x Glass Top Coffee Tables

Lot 35

Stainless Steel 2 Door Unit

Lot 73

Round Cast Iron Table

Lot 36

2x Heco Double Chiller Units

Lot 37

2x Heco Single Chiller Units

Lot 74

Bamboo 2 Seater Sofa and 2 Chairs

Lot 38

Stainless Steel Food Rack

Lot 75

Black Chair

Lot 39

2x 2Door Heco Bar Chiller Units

Lot 76

Dark Wood Desk Unit and 2 Chairs

Lot 40

Hecmac Ice Machine

Lot 77

Box of Flip Flop Type Shoes

Lot 41

Russell Hobbs Coffee Grinder
and coffee Perculator

Lot 78

Box of Dressing Gowns

Lots 42 and 43

Panasonic XQB75-Q702U
Washing Machines

Lot 79

Box of Towels

Lots 44 and 45

Panasonic NH45319T Dryer

Lot 80

2x Red and White Round Beds

Lot 46

2x Stainless Steel Racking Units

Lot 81

3 Light Green Massage Tables

Lot 47

2x Stainless Steel Racking Units

Lot 82

5 White Massage Tables

Lot 48

9 Bar Stools

Lot 83

New Coffee Table and 5 Chairs Dark Wood

Lot 49

5 Various Vases

Lot 84

Vapour Ozone Unit
Lot 49

Lot 85


Lot 50

20x Pine Buckets

Lot 86

100 Glasses and 7 Tea Pots
Cutlery and crockery

Lot 51

Various Wet Stock

Lot 87

Konika Plasma Screen
1 x 40"
Lot 88

Konika Plasma Screen

1 x 40"

Lot 89

Kam Speaker

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